John and Gerry's  Orchids of Britain and Europe
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Links and other information

Wild about BritainAn excellent forum for discussion of all aspects of wildlife in Britain
Orchid-related  web sites
Orchids of Britain
Britain's Orchids Essentially a web version of Lang's book.  All you need to know about native British orchids.
Wild Orchid Gallery A selection of photographs of British orchids
Hardy Orchid Society
Orchids of Europe
Frank Nature A page created by a Dutch enthusiast with several hundred photos
Orchids in Europe A photographic catalogue of European orchids with 1605 pictures.
GŁnther's  Homepage A fabulous website devoted to European orchids.
Ophrys Presented by James Mast de Maeght, a description of over 250 Ophrys species with more than 2000 photographs PLUS lots of other information about Ophrys.  A great site!
Orchids of Europe
Orchids of Italy
Orchids in France
Orchids of Provence
Orchids of LesvosA developing website covering not just the orchids but other fauna and flora of Lesvos
Orchids of Slovenia
Orchids of North America Only (!) photographs but......
Orchids of Europe and the Mediterranean