John and Gerry's    Orchids of Britain and Europe
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Origin: Anacamptos means "bent back" and refers to the way in which the pollinia are held within the flower.


The species:

*A. boryi
*A. champagneuxii
*A. collina
*A. coriophora
*A. coriophora ssp    
*A. fragrans
*A. laxiflora
*A. laxiflora x morio
*A. laxiflora x                Serapias bergonii
*A. longicornu
*A. morio             
*A. morio ssp caucasica
*A. palustris
*A. papilionacea
*A. papilionacea v
*A. papilionacea v
*A. papilionacea v
  papilionacea f rubra
*A. papilionacea x           morio
*A. picta                 
*A. pyramidalis      
*A. sancta
*A. syriaca